November 8, 2022


Increase in Russian livestock and poultry production in first nine months of 2022



Russia's livestock and poultry production increased by 3.7% in the first nine months of 2022, compared to the same period last year, as they reached 11.23 million tonnes in live weight.


Pork production saw the highest increase, up 6.2% to 4.15 million tons.


This increase was facilitated by the decisions made by the Russian Government, including measures for customs and tariff regulation of the grain market, and the extension of soybean and soybean meal imports while also restricting their export abroad.


In addition, livestock farmers are granted preferential, short loans for the purchase of grain, meal, premixes, vitamins and amino acids, as well as preferential investment loans for the construction, remodeling and modernisation of livestock facilities, including feed mills and workshops, and the purchase of equipment.


- Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

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