November 8, 2019


UN FAO expects China pork production to drop 20% this year


The United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) also forecasts global pork production to fall 8.5% to 110.5 million tonnes in 2019, reported Reuters.


The UN food agency said China's pork production will drop by 10% in May. But the agency has doubled its estimation as African swine fever (ASF) continues to spread in the country - increasing local pork prices and affecting meat and feed markets around the world.


The FAO's lower global pork production forecast is due to ASF spreading to neighbouring China countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Mongolia.


Corn and oilseed use for livestock feed will also be impacted because of ASF, said FAO.


As for world trade in meat and meat products, FAO expects a 6.7% increase from 2018 to 36 million tonnes in 2019, driven by China's aggressive global meat imports to ease meat supply shortages in the country from the ASF outbreak.


An additional two million tonnes of meat across all categories are expected to be imported by China in 2019, a 35% increase.


However, the US is projected to import less meat this year.


-      Reuters