November 8, 2004



Australia Hits Another Beef Exports Record in October


Australian beef exports to Japan hit another record in October, reaching 35,610 tons shipped for the month.


Exports were 14 per cent higher than September 2004, while the figure grew 24 per cent  compared with the same period last year.


Japan has just started its peak beef demand season and the Australian lot-feeding sector continues to ramp up production to meet this demand.


Japan and US trade announcements have confirmed last week that US beef products are unlikely to re-enter the Japanese market before the northern spring.


Australian grain-fed beef has been in high demand, with 16,665 tons exported in October. This is a rise of 66 per cent compared with October 2003.


The Australian industry has taken time to adjust to the changed demands from Japan, with increased supplies of grain-fed beef now ready for the Japanese market. Exports of grainfed beef have risen 52 per cent in the calendar year to October to total 139,989 tons.


323,981 tons of beef were exported to Japan in the calendar year to October, just 1,718 tons short of the full-year record of 325,699 tons set in 2000.


Exports of Australian beef to Japan are likely to hit 390,000 tons in 2004, as the peak Japan buying season is expected to last until December/January in addition to the continued absence of US products.

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