November 7, 2012


China's demand for chicken offal incites Irish poultry firm's growth


A poultry processing company in Ireland has created 48 new specialist jobs due to China's demand for chicken offal.


The announcement by Carton Bros Poultry Processing Plant in Shercock, Co. Cavan, follows an investment of EUR3.3 million (US$4.2 million) in new equipment to remove offal - heart, liver and gizzard - from its chickens.


The news is welcome at a time when the poultry industry in Ireland has been under intense pressure with the rising cost of wheat and other grain used to feed its chickens.


Just last month, Co-operative Poultry Products Ltd in Cootehill, Co. Cavan, announced it was closing, with the loss of 90 jobs.


Most of the Carton Bros giblets will be exported to the Asian market, China in particular, where chicken offal is a popular food. Prior to this development, much of the fowl entrails would have been dumped each month because the demand for chicken offal in the Irish market is low.


Vincent Carton, managing director of Carton Bros, made the jobs announcement at The Taste of Cavan event. He said all 48 jobs will be in place by early next year.


"As a company we are always looking at ways to maximise the return for the product we produce. We have to be innovative and constantly researching markets to find new avenues of income," he said.

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