November 7, 2003



Poultry Prices in Pakistan Shot Up On Meat Shortage


As the City District Government, Karachi (CDGK) in Pakistan tries to control beef and mutton prices, poultry prices have shot up to new heights and no government body at any level seems to be bothered.


Currently, chicken is selling in the market at Rs120 to Rs130 per kg. Before the onset of Ramazan the prices were in the range of Rs70 to Rs90.


On the other hand, the price of eggs has fallen to Rs30-a-dozen, while previously the price was in the range of Rs32 to Rs36.


No increase has been recorded in the cost inputs of poultry farming and there is abundant supply in the market.


Which then leads to consumers' doubts on the reason behind this unjust increase in poultry prices.


Any poultry association has recorded no incidents of chicken smuggling or export, contrary to claims being made by associations of meat sellers.


On the other hand, some firms dealing in prime quality chicken, import the commodity for their fast food chains or sale at stores and specially designated shops.


"Most of the people have switched to white meat, unable to manage beef and mutton in their tight household budgets. However, there is no shortage of poultry, the supply is abundant," admitted a poultry supplier.


He continued to say, "The poultry distributors have not increased their prices, but the individual shopkeepers are taking advantage of higher meat prices and minting money by selling chicken at artificially high prices."

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