November 6, 2014


Lallemand to present performance of nutrition products at EuroTier




Amid growing concerns for animal welfare, Lallemand Animal Nutrition will present the performance of its nutrition products at the EuroTier 2014  animal production fair in Hannover, Germany, on November 11 to 14.


Today, beyond productivity, animal welfare is a growing concern for animal producers. Lallemand will discuss with visitors forage quality or the use of probiotics and natural antioxidants can help optimise digestive comfort and welfare as well as performance of animals.


It will also present its rumen efficiency audit programme for dairy cows, and new data and trial results illustrating the benefits and efficacy of specific live yeasts LEVUCELL® SC for ruminants and equine, LEVUCELL® SB for swine, probiotic bacteria BACTOCELL® for poultry and pigs, its LALSIL® range of crop-specific silage additives, natural antioxidant solution MELOFEED®, as well as its range of aquaculture solutions.
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