November 6, 2009


Chr Hansen 2008-09 revenue up 10 percent
Press Release


In spite of the financial crisis and the general economic recession, bioscience company Chr. Hansen continues its growth, with last year's revenue increasing 10 percent in local currencies and earnings reaching 30.3 percent.


In financial year 2008-09, Chr. Hansen reached a revenue of EUR511 million which represents an increase of 7.2 percent compared to last year. While the exchange rates developed negatively, the company in Hoersholm, Denmark increased its sales in local currencies by 10 percent on the more than 140 markets where its bioscience products are sold.


The sales growth has been particularly strong within the Health & Nutrition Division, where sales of probiotics to the food supplement and agricultural industries increased by almost 27 percent.


Sales within Chr. Hansen's largest business area, cultures and enzymes for the food industry have also grown by 9.4 percent. Sales of natural colours increased 7.9 percent.


EBITDA earnings improved, reaching EUR155 million in 2008-09. Corresponding to 30.3 percent of revenue compared to 29.6 percent last year, this is a constant continuation of the last four years' positive development as a result of growth in sales combined with a focused cost control.


EBIT increased by 14 percent and amounts to EUR109 million.


US$1 = EUR0.673621 (Nov 6)