November 5, 2018

Thailand's Betagro expands with Pas Reform SmartPro technology

Thailand's leading broiler producer Betagro has commissioned a new greenfield hatchery that uses Pas Reform's SmartPro™ incubation technologies, which would help add a further two million chicks per week to the company's total capacity., Pas Reform said.


Betagro previously invested in another SmartPro™ hatchery extension in 2014.

The new hatchery, which will be built at Chaibadan in Lopbuli Province, Thailand, takes full advantage of Pas Reform's position as a single-source, fully integrated supplier of incubation, climate control and hatchery automation. Fifty-four SmartSetPro™ setters with a maximum setting capacity of more than six million hen eggs incorporate modular design, Pas Reform's Vortex™-based airflow principle, Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™ (AMF™) and Energy Saving Module™ (ESM™), to optimise uniformity and climate conditions for each batch of eggs.

The setters will be complemented by fifty-four SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, each equipped with SmartWatch™, which, with CO2-sensitive automation, monitors and adjusts the hatching process to optimise the hatch window for every cycle.

Hatchery operations will be fully supported by Pas Reform's SmartCenterPro™ hatchery information system at every level, providing end-to-end real-time monitoring, control and reporting, in order to enhance workflow efficiencies and quality control and deliver complete traceability for every hatch.


In addition to its single-stage incubation facilities, the new hatchery will be equipped with hatchery automation and climate control systems from Pas Reform. There will also be a full hatchery management training programme to be delivered by Pas Reform Academy.

"We are delighted that Betagro's initial investment has delivered tangible results for the bottom line - and very excited to be working with the company again, as it plans for the next chapter in its success," said Pas Reform's sales director, Michael Kampschoer.

- Pas Reform

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