November 5, 2014


Russia knocks on Indian, South Korean doors for pork as meat shortage worsens



The current meat shortage in Russia has led concerned authorities to knock on doors of non-traditional suppliers India and South Korea for pork. India has not exported pork to Russia in the past, while supplies of pork from South Korea dried more than four years ago, following an outbreak of food-and-mouth disease in that country.


Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor said in a statement that it was "ready to explore the possibility of safe pork supply from other countries… particularly South Korea and India."


Earlier Russia allowed imports of buffalo meat from India.


Rosselkhoznadzor was to release on Wednesday, November 5, an initial list of pork suppliers from India. An expanded list is scheduled to be released in mid-December.


Experts have noted that in response to the shortage of meat, Rosselkhoznadzor has adopted a new strategy that will introduce Russian consumers to more diversified meat choices that include the exotic kangaroo, crocodile and buffalo meats.


The meat shortage in Russia has reportedly worsened. The EU and the US imposed the first round of trade sanctions after Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimea region in March.  Experts predict that because of the continuing rise in prices of meat, there will come a time when the less-moneyed consumers won't be able to afford to buy meat.

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