November 5, 2010


High price of chicks hit Bangladesh poultry


The local poultry industry of Bangladesh has been hit hard by high price of one-day old chicks amidst its recovery effort from low price of poultry and bird-flue crisis last year in which 50% farms had been closed.


About three million one day-old chicks are required for the 10 thousand farms in the district but less than 0.8 million chicks are provided from 10 hatcheries including the government hatchery. A vast number of chicks are being provided from this district which now may not be achieved. As a result the poultry farmers cannot grow enough chickens for the high price of day-old chicks.


A day-old chicken is now being sold between BDT26 (US$0.37) and BDT28 (US$0.40) per piece at the private hatchery against BDT15 (US$0.21) to BDT16 (US$0.23) a few days ago. The government hatchery is selling the day old chicks only BDT12 (US$0.17) per piece. Thus the government hatchery is facing a huge pressure from the poultry growers.


Belayet Hossain Lebu ex president of Joypurhat Chamber of Commerce and Industry and owner of Reliance Hatchery said that he is selling a day old chicks for BDT26 (US$0.37) because he is buying a hatching egg for BDT12 (US$0.17).


M Saiful Islam Alam, owner of Shefali Poultry farm in the district said to the correspondent that he incurred losses for two years because of high price of poultry inputs and low price of big chicks, but in the last two months he is doing well for better price now.


Rana Kumar Mondol another big poultry grower of Joypurhat Sadar said that all the poultry input price should be reduced within a short time otherwise most of the farmers may face big losses on the eve of Eid and winter season.


Saiful Islam, acting Assistant Director of Jamalganj Government Hen-Duck Farm said that all the poultry inputs price have gone up but poultry price is not in keeping with that, so farmers are to face losses sometimes. If the government takes a step to reduce the poultry inputs prices farmers can make reasonable profit.

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