November 5, 2009


CaroTech dedicates research to encapsulation strategies
Press Release

Carotenoid Technologies (CaroTech) of the IQF Group in Tarragona, Spain has continued its technical focus on encapsulation technologies and active ingredients that can modify rumen fermentation for the dairy industry.


A Ph.D. thesis sponsored by CaroTech on rumen modifiers based on plant extracts and their active components has proven the added-value benefits of novel encapsulation technologies in the development of NEXT Enhance 300 for ruminants.


A study conducted by the University of Leipzig, Germany, evaluating the efficacy of microencapsulation of Next Enhance 300 (containing cinnamaldehyde and diallyl disulfide), under pelleting process (80ºC for two minutes) has shown the thermostability benefits on a patented protection system (Enhance) versus a product without.


Results from the scientific group revealed that using the Enhance protection system, the stability of cinnamaldehyde and garlic oil were 99 percent and 96 percent, respectively.


In contrast, when the same molecules were tested without encapsulation, losses were as high as 20 percent for cinnamaldehyde and 30 percent for garlic oil, respectively.

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