November 5, 2007


Co-op Atlantic first in Canada to offer Omega-3 pork



Co-op Atlantic, a Canadian retailer, is jointly introducing a new line of Omega 3 pork products in its supermarkets with Natural Organic Food Group (NOFG).


Vice-president of Co-op Atlantic, Robert Lemoine, said the company is the first in Canada to offer Omega 3 pork to consumers.


NOFG supplies the Pei Pork brand of Omega 3 pork products from local farms where the pigs are fed a mix of roasted soy and flaxseed, according to Mario Maillet, president of NOFG,


Four out of five consumers are interested in consuming functional food products while three in five are aware of the benefits of Omega 3, according to a survey by the Nutrition Business Journal.

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