November 4, 2013


Yili Group leads in boosting China's dairy industry



As the representative of Chinese dairy corporations in the dairy event held in Japan, China Yili Group discussed the trends in the country's dairy industry against the background of globalisation and how the dairy industry has become an important member of the global dairy sector, as well as an organic component of the world's dairy industry.


"The transformation of China's dairy industry is a new opportunity for the global dairy industry because Chinese dairy product manufacturers have increasing demands for international advanced technologies, advanced equipment, advanced management and excellent cows during the process of transformation. All of these brought forth new prospects for the world's dairy industry," Zhang Jianqiu, CEO of Yili Group said.


The prediction of the globalisation of China's dairy industry was summarised by insiders as the "3+3 mode," and won high recognition among participants. According to one participant on site, "China's dairy industry has become the focus of the world's dairy industry, and the powerful market will probably consume the redundant capacity of the western countries in the following several years."


"China will become the mainstay in the world's dairy industry in the long period," reported Rabobank Netherland. According to the "2013 Global Dairy Industry Ranking List Top 20" released by the bank recently, Yili Group ranked the 12th in the world and the second in Asia. At the International Dairy Federation (IDF) in 2011, the prizes won by Chinese dairy enterprises accounted for 21.4% of the total prizes, and localisation research has become the new driving force of the growth of China's dairy industry.


Actually, under the globalisation tendency of the world's dairy industry, China Yili Group has taken some actions since this year in its globalisation process. It invested in a milk powder project of New Zealand, and established cooperation with the largest milk manufacturer Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) in the USA. There is no doubt that Chinese dairy enterprises led by Yili will enter into the first-tier camp of the world's dairy industry.

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