November 3, 2022


Ukrainian ministry agrees to effort to stabilise local chicken egg prices



Ukraine's Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food and the Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine have agreed by the end of the year to stabilise prices for chicken eggs in the country and prevent wholesale prices from exceeding the level at which eggs are now supplied to retail chains.


According to the agency's website, the corresponding memorandum will be valid until December 31 this year, although it can be extended if necessary.


Within the framework of the document, representatives of the poultry industry undertook to saturate the domestic market with the necessary volumes of eggs, in particular, by increasing the number of laying hens and egg production.


For its part, the ministry undertook to provide egg producers with the necessary resources and conditions for work, as well as an opportunity to attract affordable loans for the development of production activities. In addition, it will contribute to the stability of domestic prices for grain forage and oilseeds used in the production of feed for birds.


As reported, with reference to the ministry, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the largest reduction in egg production in the country was recorded in April 2022 - up to 3.78 billion eggs, which is 17.3% less than in April 2021.


From May 2022, the decline in their production reached a plateau, and starting from July, the decline slightly accelerated (by 0.7 percentage points). In September, its pace decreased, and in January-September 2022, some 9.29 billion eggs were produced, which is 15.7% less compared to January-September 2021.


- Interfax-Ukraine

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