November 3, 2008
Pas Reform to introduce new setter tray for hatcheries
Press Release

Pas Reform will unveil its new SmartTray in Hanover at EuroTier 2008 on November 11-14, 2008.

Genetic selection for high postnatal growth has altered patterns of development and rates of biosynthesis in modern embryos. In ovo, this results in higher levels of metabolic heat production, which needs careful management in the setter to deliver optimum hatching results.


SmartTray has been designed to enhance the comfort of modern embryos during incubation, delivering uniform airflow around the eggs to manage increased metabolic temperature effectively.


SmartTray has specially shaped support points to fit all egg sizes. It has an open and spacious grid, which prevents the development of 'dead spots' and allows free movement of air for the uniform distribution of heat and humidity.


Being stable and having a self-centring egg positioning, SmartTray is ideal for in-ovo vaccination, and prevents eggs from sticking and breaking. Maximum protection for the egg also prevents hairline cracks, which makes it ideal for farm traying.


SmartTray is suitable for highly-automated hatcheries, as its hard material and high impact-resistance are able to withstand temperature changes and weight load.


A blind find bottom design also means SmartTray easily finds its secure locking position for fast, stable stacking.


The product is also HACCP-compliant, having a lightweight design and smooth finish for easy handling.


Pas Reform specialises in the development of hatchery technologies for the poultry industry.

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