November 3, 2003



US Corn & Soy Harvest Up Last Week

The U.S. corn harvest pace caught up to normal last week, as producers across the Midwest made rapid progress due to mostly clear weather.


Soybean harvest continued at a normal pace.


Last week's USDA weekly crop update showed corn harvest 72% done, up 16 percentage points from a week earlier and even with the 5-year average.


Soybean harvest was reported to be 88% done, up 11 points from a week earlier and 1 point ahead of the 5-year average.


Corn harvest has pushed ahead of normal over much of the western Corn Belt, with Minnesota already 91% done, versus an average of 72%.


Harvest continues to lag behind in the eastern Corn Belt, however, with Indiana 52% done versus an average of 68%, Ohio 36% done versus an average of 51% and Michigan 27% done versus an average of 49%.


Soybean harvest is almost complete across the western Midwest with Minnesota 99% harvested, Iowa 98% harvested.

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