November 2, 2006


Brazil's beef, chicken exports rise in October



Brazil's beef and chicken exports rose in October, according to figures released Wednesday (Nov 1) by the trade ministry.


Fresh boneless beef exports hit 111,700 tonnes during the month, up from 106,100 tonnes in September and 71,900 tonnes in October 2005. Prices paid for Brazilian beef rose again to US$2,862.80 per tonne from US$2,766.40 in September and US$2,139.90 in October 2005, mostly due to supply constraints in the world market and Brazil's comfortable position as the world's leading beef supplier.


Nations that had banned Brazilian beef because of foot-and-mouth disease in two states are slowly returning to the market as well.


Revenue from beef exports hit US$319.9 million, up from US$293 million in September and US$153 million in October 2005.


The chicken market also registered gains during the month, hitting 242,700 tonnes, up from 231,500 tonnes in September. The export market for chicken as a whole has been relatively volatile because of bird flu in Europe, Asia and Africa.


The virus has led to a general decline in chicken consumption, with markets slow to return to full demand capacity, according to previous interviews with industry leaders. October 2005 chicken export volume was 250,400 tonnes.


Daily export volume for chicken hit 11,600 tonnes, up from 10,000 tonnes in September but down from 12,500 tonnes in October 2005.


Revenue from chicken exports rose to US$282.6 million from US$231.5 million in September but was down from US$330.5 million in October 2005.


The figures do not include processed meats.


Brazil is the world's leading exporter of beef and chicken.


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