November 1, 2022


Vietnam sets up working group to guide swine programme on biosecurity



Vietnam's Department of Livestock Production under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced on October 21 the establishment of the Public Working Group – Funding to monitor and strategically guide the country's Swine Industry Pilot Program on biosecurity and disease control based on World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) international standards.


The effort is supported by the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group.


The three companies participating in the first prototype – De Heus, Hoa Phat and Masan Meatlife – will spearhead the development and operation of best practice manufacturing and processing standards towards complete chains of food biosecurity in the supply of live pigs, semen, or exported pork. The working group will meet periodically to fine-tune the scope for nationwide rollout with participation open to all eligible companies that meet high biosecurity requirements and have the potential to open up export opportunities.


The working group is one of a number of activities under the International Finance Corporation's memorandum of understanding signed with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in December 2021 to provide technical assistance for the control of African swine fever.

- Department of Livestock (Vietnam)

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