November 1, 2021


China reveals new plan to cut veterinary antimicrobial use


China's Ministry of Agriculture has announced the country's new National Action Plan for Reduction of Veterinary Antimicrobial Use (2021-2025) with the goal of strengthening its comprehensive management of veterinary antimicrobial drugs, reducing their use in livestock and curbing antimicrobial resistance.


Action tasks in the plan include:


    - Strengthening the supervision of the production and use of veterinary antimicrobial drug;


    - Prohibiting the production and sale of growth-promoting antimicrobial feed additive;


    - Monitoring the use of veterinary antimicrobial drugs using the national traceability system;


    - Implementing the monitoring of veterinary drug residues in meat and livestock products;


    - Monitoring for antimicrobial resistance of animal-derived bacteria;


    - Strengthening the training and education of farmers and veterinarians;


    - Establishing an incentive mechanism to reduce the use of veterinary antimicrobial drugs.


- Ministry of Agriculture (China)