November 1, 2007


BPEX suggests alternative pig feeds to keep costs low



As prices of pig feed soar, the British Pig Executive (BPEX) has suggested the use of alternative feeds to keep the cost of feeding cull sows down.


Alternative feeds such as potatoes, carrots, sugar beet, silage and fodder beet can be fed to the animals, but to achieve the same nutritional value as concentrates, larger amounts of these feeds must be used, BPEX said.


For example, 6 kilogrammes of potatoes would have the nutritional value of 1 kilogramme of concentrates.


As these feeds are bulky, BPEX has suggested using concentrates at the beginning of the day and potatoes at the end.


According to BPEX Knowledge Transfer Manager Angela Cliff, this would ensure that the sows are getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals and ease the burden of feeding cull sows."


BPEX is offering a handbook on the nutritional value of alternative feeds by Professor Sandra Edwards of Newcastle University.