November 1, 2006


Brazil's Jan-Sep chicken exports to Russia down 26 percent on-year



Brazil's chicken exports to Russia totalled 150,552 tonnes in January-September, down 26 percent on the year, according to the latest report by the association of Brazilian chicken producers and exporters, the Prime-Tass news agency reports Tuesday (Oct 31).


The decrease was due to a decision in April by Russian veterinary authorities to cancel all previously issued poultry meat import permits due to "numerous cases of violations of existing veterinary standards and regulations".


The measure negatively affected poultry meat imports from all countries in April-July.


Russia imports mainly chicken cuts from Brazil. In January-September, the products totalled 108,819 tonnes, down 22 percent on the year. Entire chicken exports were down 38 percent on the year to 38,782 tonnes during the period.


The remainder accounted for mechanically deboned meat for further processing in Russia. Supplies of these chicken meat products rose 1.7 percent on the year, although the volume was small, just 2,880 tonnes.


In 2005, Brazil's chicken exports to Russia totalled 258,187 tonnes, up 33.8 percent on year.


Russia's 2006 poultry import quota totals 1.13 million tonnes, but domestic producers are lobbying the government to cut it.


Russia's total poultry meat imports totalled 691,300 tonnes in January-August, almost unchanged on the year, according to Russian official customs statistics.


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