October 31, 2008
Hong Kong finds melamine in eggs from two Hubei companies
The Hong Kong government said late Wednesday ( October 29, 2008) that tests on eggs from Jingzhou Shuanggang Poultry Breeding and Processing Co. Ltd. of China's Hubei province showed excessive melamine levels.
Earlier in the day, tests on eggs from Jingshan Pengchang Agricultural Product Co., also in Hubei, showed illegal levels.
Jingshan  is sending another sample of eggs to be tested by the Hubei provincial food safety authority while Jingzhou is not entertaining media queries.
Earlier in the week, eggs from Dalian Hanwei Group were found to have excessive melamine levels by authorities in Hong Kong, containing 4.7 ppm of melamine, nearly twice the 2.5 ppm allowed in the territory.  
In Hangzhou, authorities recalled a brand of eggs produced by Green Living Beings Development Centre that contained 3.5 parts per million of melamine, according to Xinhua. Green Living Beings' eggs had been removed from shelves and customers had been encouraged to return the product in the city's supermarkets.
China has no set standard for the chemical in food.
China recently set levels for liquid milk and milk products after melamine in these products caused sickness in more than 50,000 children.
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