October 31, 2006


EU and Brazil reach deal on chicken imports



The European Commission has reached an agreement with Brazil for imports of salted poultry meat, preparations of turkey meat and cooked chicken meat.


The agreement sets out tariff rate concessions for the three products and three new tariff rate quotas (TRQs) which would conform with the GATT trade agreement.


The GATT agreement allows a WTO member to withdraw a concession provided that compensation is offered.


The negotiations ensures the EU's interests are safeguarded and brings EU's duties for poultry meat in line with WTO rules, said Mariann Fischer Boel, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development.


For salted poultry meat, currently subject to a tariff of 15.4 percent, the new concession would provide a total ceiling of 264,245 tonnes imported at 15.4 percent. The out-of-quota rate would be charged at EUR 1.300 per tonne.


Brazil has been allocated 170,807 tonnes, or 65 percent of the quota.


For cooked chicken meat, currently subject to a tariff rate of 10.9 percent, the concession will provide for a quota of 230,453 tonnes. The out-of-quota rate will be Euro 1.024 a tonne. The volume allowed Brazil would be 73,000 tonnes or 31 percent of the total. 


The EU is currently negotiation with other chicken exporting countries like Thailand to set suitable quotas.

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