October 30, 2023

Malaysia's move to lift ceiling price for chickens welcomed



The Malaysian Federation of Livestock Farmers' Association (FLFAM) welcomed the Malaysian government's measure to lift the ceiling price for chickens while maintaining egg subsidies.


In a statement on October 30, the association said the supply of broiler chickens and eggs were stable and expected to meet Malaysian consumer demands.


"We welcome the government's effort to allow the B40 to continue to enjoy a highly affordable egg price," FLFAM said. "Lifting the ceiling price of chicken will encourage the expansion of broiler farming and foreign investment into this sector, which will further strengthen the chicken supply and contribute positively to national food security."


Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu announced on the same day that subsidies and price controls for chicken would be discontinued from November 1, while subsidies and price controls for chicken eggs remain unaffected.


The minister said the termination of chicken subsidies is to reduce subsidy leakage.


The retail ceiling price for grade A eggs is 45 sen each, grade B (43 sen) and grade C (41 sen).


FLFAM said the association would work to ensure a sufficient supply of chicken, especially after the ceiling price is lifted.


"We will continue to support the government to provide Malaysians with ample supply of broiler chickens and eggs at affordable prices," its statement read.


- New Straits Times

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