October 30, 2020


SIS launches improved shrimp broodstock in India


Shrimp Improvement Systems (SIS), a US based shrimp breeding company, has introduced the hardy line vannamei shrimp broodstock in India to foster fast growth of shrimps.


This vannamei shrimp line has been developed to face tough conditions prevalent in farms, it is more tolerable to disease outbreaks, does not lose its ability to grow fast and has high fertility. This shrimp line can grow up to 0.347g per day with a survival rate of 87% and biomass of around 8.6 tonnes per hectare in 100 days.


With the increasing annual shrimp production in India, shrimp farming faces numerous challenges, mainly various viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, and environmental problems. Some of the diseases that have infected shrimps are white spots, white feces, EHP and running mortality syndrome.


To grow healthy shrimps, a farm requires improved bio-security and better pond conditions for zone management. Other areas for improvement included better pathogen detection, better understanding of their mode of action, effective use of immune-stimulants and probiotics. SIS believes that farmed shrimp species have much potential for further genetic improvement.


SIS has conducted a commercial genetic improvement programme for shrimp aquaculture with established techniques of selective breeding already being used in other agribusinesses. The programme is based on proprietary-developed pure lines selected for specific economic characteristics of over 30 generations.


The programme was designed to produce the best specific pathogen resistant and specific pathogen free shrimps, enabling customers to benefit from the shortest possible transfer of genetic gains achieved from each breeding session.


Overall, the competitive advantages of SIS' shrimps are fast growth, high fertility, resistance to the Taura Syndrome Virus (TSV) and resistance to specific pathogens.


SIS' commercial lines have consistently demonstrated that under the right conditions, it can grow to 40 grams in 100 days (over 3.5 grams per week) and produce more than 6.5 million nauplii over the productive lifetime of a female shrimp.


 - The Hindu Business Line