October 30, 2012


Ukraine requests corn import quota for 2013 from China


Ukraine has asked China to grant its corn supply allocations for 2013.


"The Ukraine's Farm Ministry has sent a request to China's trade ministry, asking them to consider the possibility of giving us quotas to supply corn next year," Minister Mykola Prysyazhnyuk said in a statement.


"The document on phytosanitary requirements will be agreed and signed soon, and this allows us to supply corn to China," he said.


Ukraine, which has had no access to the Chinese market for the past 10 years, said in July it would supply 2.0 million-2.5 million tonnes of corn to China every year to pay off a US$3 billion loan.


Earlier this year, the ministry said it was working on a landmark quarantine agreement with China to gain access to its enormous market.


Ukraine boosted corn output to a record 22.7 million tonnes in 2011 from about five million tonnes five years ago. The ministry has said Ukraine could harvest about 20 million tonnes of corn this year.


The former Soviet republic exported about 15 million tonnes of corn in 2011-12 and could sell abroad about 12 million tonnes in 2012-13.


Ukraine's corn crop, although somewhat reduced by hot and dry weather conditions this year, has not been included in a planned export ban on wheat from November 15.

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