October 30, 2006


USDA: EU approves EUR 193 million to fight BSE, TSE, animal diseases



The European Commission approved a budget of EUR 193 million to support programmes to fight and control animal diseases in Europe in 2007, reported the US Department of Agriculture's Oct 19 report.


For 2007, the EC approved a financial package of EUR 193 million to fight animal diseases. The 155 programmes, which were approved, will tackle animal diseases that impact both human and animal health, said the USDA report.


Each year, the Commission approves programmes for the eradication and monitoring of animal diseases in the EU. However, this is a slight increase in funding for the 155 programmes covered compared to last year.


Also, according to the USDA, a financial contribution of EUR 9,117,000 to control zoonotic Salmonella  in 18 member states has been allocated for this year, which is more than a doubling compared to last year, informed the USDA.


For the monitoring of BSE and Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy or TSE in 2007, the EC will make EUR 88,463,000 available from the EU budget. That includes financial support for rapid tests for the detection of TSE in cattle, sheep, goats and for the first time deer, as well as discriminatory tests to exclude BSE in small ruminants.


For BSE eradication across Europe, the EU will decrease co-funding to EUR 5,400,000, a 40-percent decrease from 2006 in line with the decreases in BSE incidences. Monitoring and eradication of TSE again obtains the largest funding with EUR 128.8 million.


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