October 30, 2003



Hawaii's Beef Production Up; Dairy & Pork Production Down


Shipments of Hawaii cattle to the mainland are up from last year so far, while Hawaii pork production so far this year is substantially below 2002 levels, the Hawaii Agricultural Statistics Service reports.


September stats:

Cattle marketings: 3,400 head. Year-ago: 2,800.

Out-of-state shipments: 2,500 head. Year-ago: 1,900.

Local slaughter: 525,000 pounds. Year-ago: 538,000.


Rise in Beef Production


Rise in out-of-state shipments accounted for 21% increase in marketings when compared with a year earlier. Commercial kill for September 2003 totaled 900 head, the same as a year ago. Average live weight per head, at 1,034 pounds, was 4% lighter than a year ago.


Year-to-date marketings totaled 35,700 head, up 1%. But year-to-date out-of-state shipments totaled 27,400 head, 3% above 2002. Cumulative production for the first nine months of 2003 was 4.8 million pounds, 6% less than the same period in 2002.


Beef production, at 2.31 billion pounds and a monthly record high, was 5% above the previous year. Cattle slaughter totaled 3.12 million head, up 9% from September 2002. The average live weight was down 36 pounds from the previous year, at 1,227 pounds.


Drop in Dairy Production


In August, dairy cows produced 7.6 million pounds of milk, compared to 7.9 million pounds in August 2002 and 8.0 million in July 2003.


The cow inventory, both dry and in milk, numbered 6,600 head, 200 above August last year and 100 head more than July this year.


The average output per cow is 1,150 pounds in August, 85 pounds less than the same month last year and 80 pounds lower than July this year. Milk production for the first eight months of 2003 totaled 63.9 million pounds, a 4% decline from the comparable period in 2002.


National milk production in the 20 major dairy states in September totaled 11.6 billion pounds, down 0.1% from September 2002.


Drop in Pork Production


Commercial pork production during September 2003 totaled 347,000 pounds, compared with 374,000 pounds a year ago.


Total hog kill of 2,200 head was 200 less than a year ago. Average live weight per head, at 205 pounds, was 1% lighter than a year ago.


Year-to-date production for the first 9 months of 2003 was 3.4 million pounds, 9% less than the same period in 2002.


National pork production totaled 1.66 billion pounds, a monthly record high, up 2% from the previous year. Hog kill totaled 8.55 million head, 1% above September 2002. The average live weight was 3 pounds above 2002, at 263 pounds.

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