October 29, 2020


SLC Agricola projects good grain crop harvest despite planting postponements


Brazil-based SLC Agricola estimates a good grain crop harvest despite planting postponements in the 2020/2021 cycle because of a drought that occurred early in the season, Reuters reported.


SLC said it expects to harvest its soybeans between January 10 to January 15 next year, a delay of 10 days compared to the previous year's harvest.


Gustavo Lunardi, SLC chief operating officer, said the soybeans were planted in dry soil, but because of rain forecast the planting will be completed in November, adding that this is the best window in terms of soybean yields.


Lunardi did not give an estimate for area being planted this year, but said this information will be divulged after SLC's financial results in November.


Based on public disclosures, SLC planted 235,400 hectares with soybeans during the 2019/2020 crop season, 125,460 hectares with cotton and 82,390 hectares with second-corn.


-      Reuters