October 29, 2020


UK-based agri startup Herdsy enters US market with US$1.8 million deal


Herdsy, an Agritech startup based in Cambridge, UK that has developed cattle health monitor collars, is set to enter the United States market with two agreements worth GBP 1.4 million (~US$1.8 million; GBP 1 = US$1.30), Business Weekly reported.


With help from the UK Department for International Trade, Herdsy secured a deal with Texas and Oregon state, and is set to open an office in Texas.


The Texas market has 12 million beef cattle, while Oregon farmers said the technology could help prevent wolves from attacking their cattle.


Herdsy's cattle health monitor collars uses remote technology to screen the health of cow herds, which helps farmers decide when is the best time to send the cattle to market and improve profitability.


The collar has advanced sensors and machine learning artificial intelligence to find out the cattle's biomedical and activity data. This includes heart rate, weight gain, and grazing patterns.


Farmers can review their cattle's data through the Herdsy website or app, which will notify them if the cattle shows unusual behaviour that could affect its value or wellbeing.


The information is compared to benchmarks from the industry, which helps farmers know when is the right time to send the cattle to market. This will lower the amount of time each cattle has on the farm, while also boosting cash flow and profits.


Herdsy was founded by Richard Hobson in 2016. The technology was refined with the assistance of his mentor, Dmitri Zaitsev, a Professor of Mathematics.


Herdsy will work together product with the Texas Agriculture & Mechanical University to co-develop a new product. The company will also work on beef industry sustainability issues through its place with the Austin Technology Incubator.


Herdsy is used in four countries, with its new Texas office as a base to expand further into the US and South America.


-      Business Weekly