October 29, 2014


Bangladesh's shrimp exports down as buyers snub pricey black tiger 


Bangladeshi shrimp farmers may as well raise more white shrimp than the black tiger variety.  Overseas consumers have reportedly shifted their preference from the pricey black tiger to the cheaper white shrimp.


News reports said Bangladesh's leading shrimp exports have slowed down because importers preferred the less expensive white shrimp that other countries had an abundance of, and shied away from the local pricey black tiger shrimp


Khan Habibur Rahman, deputy managing director of Bangladesh's leading seafood exporter Lockpur Group, said the demand for black tiger shrimp from Bangladesh had declined in the French market as they were considered too expensive.


Exports of black tiger shrimp to the UK have  also suffered.


The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation likewise reported in its quarterly publication Globefish that during the March-June period, demand for shrimp in the EU market had been sluggish, with overall imports increasing only marginally.


The Bangladeshi Export Promotion Bureau said that shrimp exports during the third quarter rose by only 3.59% year on year to $80.3 million. In contrast, the same period last year saw a 52% growth from the previous period.