October 29, 2010


Weda introduces improved farm software 

Press Release 

Weda lends a new launch pad to its farm software and this way makes animal house management easier and more secure for the operator in future.


By means of the surface concept, the entire farm with all applications can be completely controlled from one PC, and this at one glance.


The restyling of the established coupling software which Weda have had as feature of their programme for nine years now is orientated to the advantages of a functional operating architecture. All users are now able to gain fast and uncomplicated access to the individual computers and programmes inside the house. The transfer of data between the computers takes place via ISOagriNet. The proven interface synchronises the current data of the connected PCs immediately after the input - multiple inputs are a thing of the past.


Clearness and operability of the units were in the focus of further development. On the left-hand side of the surface, the user is able to individually allocate the navigation bar by choosing programme symbols (icons) from a selection and placing them in the navigation bar according to his wishes.


Now the unit manager is able to gain a considerably faster overview of the climate data or feeding processes in the individual house areas. Mobile access is standard. The software update is easily and quickly installed.
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