October 28, 2009

PetroAlgae protein approved for animal feed in Indonesia

PetroAlgae Inc., a leading renewable energy company, announced that it has received official notice that the protein from its proprietary micro-crop production technology has successfully passed testing by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, and that the protein is suitable for use as a raw material in animal feed in Indonesia. 


Furthermore, the protein has been cleared for importation as a raw material to be used as an ingredient for animal feed. This protein is a co-product of PetroAlgae's core bio-crude (renewable fuel feedstock) production system.


Licensees of the PetroAlgae production system will be expected to follow the Guidance and Procedures for the Registration of Animal Feed in Indonesia.


Florida-based PetroAlgae Inc. is a leading alternative energy company that licenses a commercial micro-crop technology system to produce clean fuel and food in an environmentally sustainable manner.