October 28, 2004



Bangladesh Looks to Alternative Sources with Poultry Import Ban


Bangladesh has imposed a ban on poultry import once again. This move follows the recurrence of bird-flu in Malaysia, which has been supplying day-old chicks and other poultry products for many years.


The government imposed a similar ban in January on poultry imports from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and Malaysia following outbreaks of bird flu. The same ban was withdrawn in June, and Malaysia resumed export of poultry products including day-old chicks to Bangladesh.


With the import ban on Malaysia, local entrepreneurs who have set up poultry farms on the basis of assured supply of day-old chicks and other inputs including poultry food, will now face an acute problem.


Some poultry farms may even face closure in the absence of chicks and food.


The imposition of the poultry import ban may create uncertainty in the field of production and marketing. More substantive measures for obtaining the supply of poultry products from alternative sources have to be taken by the government. The business community should also be consulted for continuity of production in poultry farms.

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