October 28, 2003



Brazil is World's No.1 Beef Exporter

Brazil will rank 1st in beef exports, overtaking Australia and the US, according to a forecast from the national confederation of agriculture and cattle-raising CNA (Confederacao Nacional de Agricultura e Pecuaria). The entity predicts 1.3mil m tons of exports and US$1.5bil turnover while Australia may register 1.2mil m tons.


CNA is comprised of Independencia, Friboi, Minerva and Bertin, main players in domestic market. Such groups expect a total of US$850mil worth of exports income this year. Brazil exported to 40 markets four years ago and saw international stake boom due to cattle diseases as well as the Argentinean and Uruguayan crisis.


The sector invested in quality control to conquer foreign markets besides registering low costs in production. Meanwhile the Brazilian Friboi has 8,000 employees, six plants, 7,000 units produced per day and US$700mil turnover.

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