October 27, 2022


Iran's red meat production increased 4% in August-September period



Production of red meat in Iran stood at 57,893 tonnes in the sixth month of the current Iranian calendar year (August 23-September 22), showing a 4% growth compared to the same month in the past year.


Beef and veal had a significant share in the country's red meat output during the sixth month with 27,764 tonnes, followed by lamb and mutton with 25,531 tonnes, goat meat with 3,667 tonnes and red meat from other livestock with 931 tonnes.


As reported, the amount of red meat supply in Iran's official slaughterhouses in the sixth month of this year has also risen 4% compared to the fifth month.


Most of Iran's red meat imports come from countries like Brazil, where Iranian supervisors directly control culling methods to ensure they comply with religious rules.


- Tehran Times

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