October 27, 2008


JSR Genetics launches new swine production targets


JSR Genetics has set a number of targets to drive its commercial herd in the coming years in an aim to drive key developments in the next three years.

  • 25 pigs sold per sow 325 kg saleable meat per tonne of rearing feed
  • Average of 11.4 pigs weaned per sow
  • To improve our feed efficiency by at least 8 percent
  • To maintain pre-weaning mortalities at 10.5 percent or less despite increasing born alive Optimise
  • weaning weights without compromising reproductive efficiency (26-day weaning)
  • Post-weaning mortality from herds in Yorkshire of 7 percent or less with the minimum use of vaccines and antibiotics Selection of sire line to optimise efficient output from the individual environments
  • Improved health to minimise challenge to the breeding herd Improve nutrient density by 6 percent to optimise genetic potential
  • Use of the genotype to deliver the highest number of weaned pigs Improved health to aid efficient growth, reduce mortalities and utilise the most efficient sire line
  • Average weaning age of 26 days for optimum reproductive performance  Investment in facilities to deliver target feed efficiency and growth
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