October 26, 2023

Australia urged to work towards more market access for Aussie beef through EU FTA




The Australian Lot Feeders' Association (ALFA) is urging the Australian government to stay firm on securing a substantial increase in market access for beef via the Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement (A-EU FTA) negotiations.


ALFA president Barb Madden said the organisation is "grateful" for Australian Trade Minister Farrell's leadership to push back offers made by his European Union counterpart.


"However, we are calling on him to continue this resolve, lean-in and secure a substantially better outcome," Madden said. "Our expectation is that this deal must deliver significantly improved access for Australian beef producers and the entire beef supply chain.


"Other key suppliers to the EU have already secured substantive access through their FTA negotiations – upward of 50,000 tonnes – and European pork producers are able export substantial unlimited quantities of their product to Australia.


"We need the Australian government to correct the imbalance of our meat trade with Europe and secure comparable FTA outcomes achieved by our competitors.


"This once in a generation deal will set Australia's beef trading landscape with Europe for the foreseeable future – it is simply too valuable in terms of potential export returns and additional market diversification.


"We know the EU are tough negotiators, but we ask Minister Farrell not to put pen to paper for the sake of just getting a deal done at the upcoming trade meetings in Osaka (Japan). The deal must be right and ensure Australian producers have substantially increased access for high-quality Australian beef."



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