October 26, 2012


EU allows 242,000 tonnes wheat exports


This week, the EU granted export licences for 242,000 tonnes of soft wheat, taking the total since the beginning of the 2012-13 (July-June) season to 4.9 million tonnes.


According to French farm office FranceAgriMer on Thursday (Oct.25), the total so far this season compared with 4.5 million tonnes of export licences cleared by the same stage in 2011-12.


The EU also granted this week licences to export 160,000 tonnes of barley, bringing the total this season to 2.1 million tonnes, FranceAgriMer said, compared to 1.6 million tonnes at the same stage last season.


The bloc also cleared export licences for 50,000 tonnes of durum wheat, taking the season's total to 334,000 tonnes, FranceAgriMer said. This was down from 466,000 tonnes at the same point last season.

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