October 26, 2010


Germany introduces health certificate for piglets



Germany's swine producing associations, in collaboration with the Deutsche Raiffeisen Verband (DRV), are planning to launch a new certification system for piglets.


An organisation called Tiergesundheitsagentur (Tiga) will manage the rights of this system. The producers' associations have assigned Tiga specifically for this role. "This certification system is a transparant counterpart of the Danish and Dutch model," DRV said.


The certification process took several years of preparation and grants from the German national government. Participating associations include the Erzeugergemeinschaft fur Qualitatsferkel in Raum Osnabruck (EGF), the Erzeugergemeinschaft für Qualitätstiere Syke-Bassum (EQF), and Viehvermarktung Walsrode-Visselhövede.


Tiga will collect health information for piglet suppliers (in 28 kilogramme piglets) and will document them online. This includes data on PRRS, salmonella, and dysentery. Optionally, the status for mycoplasma, APP, and rhinitis can be certified.