October 25, 2022


Cereals Canada launches document guiding vision and targets for wheat industry


With Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Cereals Canada recently unveiled the latest edition of the National Wheat Research Priorities, a document that offers a clear vision and goals for research in the Canadian wheat industry over the next five years.


Krista Zuzak, Director of Crop Protection and Production at Cereals Canada, said the document centres on six main themes.


She said that by making wheat nutrition a top priority, people will pay more attention to the value of this original plant-based protein in their diet.


The six themes of the 2023–2028 National Wheat Research Priorities report were developed with input from more than 70 researchers, business leaders, and value chain participants.


The National Wheat Research Priorities, according to the report, are a tool for communicating and connecting market signals with business opportunities and research goals and objectives while still valuing regional differences.


Wheat is a staple in diets all over the world and is nutrient-rich and sustainable, Dean Dias, chief executive officer of Cereals Canada said.


Dias said the value chain's ongoing investment in wheat research helps to increase farm gate profitability, competitiveness, and domestic and international food supplies.


She notes that the most recent set of priorities, which was unveiled in 2020, resulted in the completion of more than 75 research projects.


-      Okotoks Online

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