October 24, 2012


Ukraine to reach 1.5 billion in egg exports for 2013


Export figure for Ukraine's egg production industry is 1.5 billion pieces in 2013, according to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Union of Poultry Farmers, Alexander Bakumenko.


With this, Ukraine plans to more than double export of eggs in the next year. This year, Ukraine is expected to export about 650-700 million eggs.


Bakumenko also pointed out that Ukraine is currently the world's ninth largest country by volume of egg production, and the third in the world by the level of consumption. Experts pointed out that the country in the coming years could further increase the production of eggs and appear among the top-five largest producers of eggs in the world.


Bakumenko also noted that in 2013 the domestic market of egg production is expected to grow by 1-1.5%. Ukraine currently exports eggs to more than 45 countries, mainly in Africa and Asia. The Union of Poultry Farmers of Ukraine expects that very soon, EU veterinary experts will allow the country's eggs producers to export their products to Europe.


"We expect the opening of the EU market for our producers. Already, almost all the procedures necessary for this purpose have been completed. Soon, our poultry production will move to the European markets and it will be poultry and eggs," said Bakumenko.


The Union of Poultry Farmers also considers current prices for eggs and egg products as economically feasible, so it will be favourable for the development of export supplies.

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