October 24, 2003



Brazil Seeks Joint Fishing Agreement with South Korea


Brazil's head of the Aquaculture and Fishery Department (Seap), Jose Fritsch, met with his South Korean counterpart this week in Seoul to discuss about the possibility of a joint fishing agreement. Before leaving for Asia, Mr. Fritsch highlighted the government's intention to develop the whole potential of Brazilian fisheries. This would mean increasing fishing production in a sustainable way, with a modern fleet and an organized chain of production.


South Korea is one of the most developed countries in the world in fishing industry including aquaculture. Mr. Fritsch believes Korean businessmen are interested in establishing contracts with Brazilian fishing companies. A Seap press release indicated that the Seoul meetings have the support of the Brazilian Foreign Office which is trying to speed up discussions between the two countries so as to fasten the agreement rapidly.


"Our intention is to organize a national fishing fleet which allows us to fulfil international quotas, while at the same time, promoting selective catching so as to ensure the recovery and conservation of species," said Mr. Fritsch.


Spain is already negotiating with local companies over a deep-draft vessel building contract, and hopes to invest further in Brazil's fishing industry. The government is hoping that Korea will develop a similar interest.


The delegation, headed by Fritsch, will also be visiting aquaculture stations and shipyards to familiarize themselves with Korea's activities. According to Seap, these shipyards are responsible for the construction of some of the largest and most reliable vessels in the world.

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