October 22, 2014


EU sees more feed grain supply after wet summer

Unseasonal rains during summer in many regions of the EU leading proved beneficial for livestock farmers as these would mean more wheat available for feed.


DairyCo said feed supplies may continue to grow, with global corn production even expected to breach the 1-billion tonne mark for the first time.


It noted, though, that based on July-August data provided by HGCA, the UK's levy board for cereals and oilseeds, retail feed production was down by 3% year on year.


Abundance of forage was also expected to limit demand for compound feed/cereals, according to HGCA.


It said that although grain prices are lower than last year, the cereal incorporation rate in compound feed production is not expected to increase considerably, since other ingredients like soymeal and rapemeal are also cheaper than last year.