October 22, 2003



50,000 Tasmanian Lambs Destined for Saudi Arabia Redirected to Australia


The Australian government says the 50,000 Tasmanian lambs destined for Saudi Arabia should actually be transported to mainland Australia.


The Australian Government imposed a ban on live sheep exports to Saudi Arabia after it rejected a consignment of Western Australian sheep on board the Cormo Express.


The Tasmanian shipment is due to leave in late December or early 2004.


Australia Agriculture Minister Warren Truss says the answer may be in sending the sheep interstate.


"So there's a lot of potential for sales domestically to help in the rebuilding process following the drought, but I don't want to underestimate the inconvenience and the concern that local farmers will have about the ban," he said.


"But I think they understand that we simply don't want 50,000 Tasmanian sheep floating around the world the way these 50,000 Western Australian sheep are at the present time."
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