October 21, 2020


Eat Just, a plant-based egg producer to build plant in Singapore


Eat Just Inc, a startup that produces plant-based eggs, said it will build a protein production facility in Singapore in partnership with a consortium led by Proterra Investment Partners Asia, Reuters reported.


East Just will invest US$20 million, while the consortium will put in US$100 million to build and operate the Singapore factory, the first in Asia to expand its Asian market presence.


In a statement, Eat Just said the new factory will produce thousands of metric tons of protein, adding to its current North America and Germany large-scale protein facilities.


Eat Just, based in San Francisco, produces plant-based eggs made from mung beans. These come in bottles and look like freshly beaten eggs. The company also produces a mayonnaise substitute.


Eat Just products can be found in Kroger, Walmart and Whole Foods in the United States. In Asia, its products are distributed by Thailand's Betagro and South Korea's SPC Samlip.


-      Reuters