October 21, 2014


EU feed makers call for quick approval of GM grains


The European Compound Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) has called on the EU Barroso Commission not to delay approval for import, food and feed processing of eight new varieties of genetically-modified (GM ) grains.


The group, along with Copa-Cogeca, Coceral, Fediol, Uecbv and AVEC, believes that these grains have been scientifically proven to be safe.


They warned that any further delays in the approval of the GM grains could have serious repercussions on the EU food and feed supply.  This could disrupt delivery of soy, corn and other feed ingredient products.


But whether they are genetically modified or not, consignments of grain imported to the EU could be stopped at the borders in the absence of import approval.


"If the outgoing commission postpones authorisation of these crops, it could cause feed supply uncertainty in the EU", the secretary-general of Copa-Cogeca said. "Livestock farmers are already suffering from trade bans, particularly the Russian embargo. We cannot jeopardise their livelihoods by adding uncertainty about the market stability for feedstuff."