October 21, 2011


Turkey's GM feed imports still under consideration



Turkey's GM feed imports received mixed reactions as the scientific committee of Turkey's biosecurity approved the use of these products while the public is against the imports.


In the first phase of the regulation, a report on the economic and social impacts of the new feeds was prepared by a scientific committee and published for public comment on the website of Turkey's biosecurity committee last month. The report approved of the use of these products in Turkey.


However, greenpeace in Turkey has launched a campaign against the import of GMOs, saying that the products will turn living organisms in Turkey into experiments. The campaign has collected about 85,000 signatures from people who are against importing GMOs. Turkey's biosecurity committee will now evaluate the input from the public regarding GMOs.


The public input will not be evaluated as for or against but whether they will add to or criticise certain points of the initial report, said Hakan Yardımcı, a professor in Ankara University's Veterinary Faculty and a member of the biosecurity committee.


"If the aim was to evaluate how many people are for and against GMOs, then we would put a yes or no button on our website. We want to know why people are against these products, that's why people should show scientific explanations in their reasoning," he told.


Yardımcı said the 10 products were already in use in Europe and US.


"These are products that are approved by other countries," Yardımcı said. "Our scientific committee also evaluated the products and prepared a report that affirms their use in Turkey."


Turkey has so far allowed imports of three kinds of soy and three kinds of corn products that are genetically modified

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