October 20,  2020


Avivagen announces record four tonne order of OxC-beta feed additive


Avivagen Inc. has announced a four tonne order of its OxC-beta feed additive from Philippines-based Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO) - its largest purchase to date.

"UNAHCO has adopted and scaled an increasing use of our product, as is demonstrated by this record order and UNAHCO's recent expansion of OxC-beta for use in poultry as well as swine," said Kym Anthony, Avivagen's CEO.  "UNAHCO and their customers continue to see the benefits of using OxC-beta in their livestock feed, while our unique relationship with UNAHCO has served as a successful case study on how to test, adopt and scale as a business model with mutual benefit -- for Avivagen and its customers -- and we look forward to continuing to grow this important relationship."

Avivagen is working with its procurement partner on this order but is uncertain whether the entire order will be fulfilled, the company said. The related revenue included in its current fiscal quarter ending October 31, 2020 .

The Philippines continues to be an important and growing feed market for Avivagen, with an estimated annual feed production of 18.2 million tonnes in 2020, up significantly from 11.75 million tonnes in 2016, Avivagen said

- Avivagen

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