October 18, 2023


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia city council raids errant chicken processing plants




Personnel from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), the city council which administers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, raided three chicken processing factories operating in the country's Batu Caves early on October 15.


DBKL's Health and Environment Department, led by deputy director-general Dr. Nor Halizam Ismail, discovered several violations, including the absence of slaughter license certificates and halal certification.


DBKL revealed that the premises were also found to be unclean, employing foreign workers without typhoid vaccinations, lacking waste filtration systems and releasing physical waste and chicken blood directly into public drains.


"Eight compounds were issued, including three under Section 25(1)(b) of the WPKL (Food Hygiene) (Amendment) By-Laws 2016 for the dirty condition of the chicken processing area with effluent, fat and chicken blood," Dr. Ismail said in a statement. "Two compounds were issued under Section 38(1) of the WPKL (Food Hygiene) (Amendment) By-Laws 2016 for failing to provide and submit any information or documents, and three compounds under Section 47(1)(d) of the Street, Drainage, and Building Act 1974."


He added that the factory management was given a warning and advice regarding health requirements, while two premises were ordered to close immediately.

- New Straits Times

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